Design Application

Thanks for applying to be a Public Access Design Fellow with CUP!

This year’s PAD Fellowship will run from January to December 2021. 

The deadline to apply is Monday, August 31 at 12:00pm EST.

Have questions about your application? Email

Please note: CUP is not accepting applications for interactive or video projects right now. The criteria below is outdated. Please refer to the “For Designers” page for the updated criteria. 

The jury will evaluate your application based on the following criteria
  • Quality of design work presented, particularly as it relates to the designer’s selected media formats
  • Does the designer’s work show an ability to organize complex information?
  • Is the designer interested in a deeply collaborative process?
  • Does the designer seem capable of producing original, inventive work that will also meet the needs of his or her collaborators?
  • Is the designer invested enough in the process and goals to produce exceptional work, given the timetable and funding?
If you encounter any issues while filling out the application please email us at

1. Basic Information

Upload a portrait of yourself

File format must be JPG, PNG, GIF and no more than 5mb

We promise we won’t judge you on your looks! The bio and photo won’t be seen by the jurors. If you are selected to participate as a Fellow, they will appear on CUP’s website.

Upload Resume/CV

File format must be PDF and no more than 5mb

2. Introduction

3. Areas of Interest

The Public Access Design program allows organizations to select one of four media formats for their project. (Click here to find out more about the formats.) Please check off each of the media you are interested/able to work in for this program. Please rank them based on your level of interest/ability.

    Folds Pages Print
    Frames Video
    Pixels Interactive

Are there any other special skills that you would be able apply to a Public Access Design project?

4. Portfolio

Please upload an edited portfolio of up to 20 images from five of your strongest projects below. Please include a descriptive caption with every image. If you are submitting work that you did as part of a group, please indicate your role in the project in the caption. The first slide in the list will represent your application as a thumbnail during the jury review process.

Image Requirements
  • Acceptable file formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG
  • Image must be no larger than 1MB
  • Image must be in RGB colorspace
  • For a video or website, please include still image(s) with a link to the site in the caption(s)

Portfolio Slides

You will have a chance to edit your
application before submitting