In New York City, nearly 600,000 people don’t have health insurance. Around half of those people can’t receive coverage because of their citizenship status. To address this need, Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a plan to guarantee affordable health care for every New Yorker, regardless of their citizenship status. This plan is called NYC Care.

In the spring of 2019, CUP collaborated with Teaching Artist April Wen and Andre Machado’s science class at the International High School for Health Sciences in Elmhurst, Queens to investigate Mayor de Blasio’s proposed plan to provide health care for all New Yorkers. To investigate, students got out of the classroom to speak to community members, interview stakeholders working on the issue, and create art to visualize how this change could impact their community.

Students created this pamphlet to teach others what they learned and to help other students and their families navigate the complicated world of health care.

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Check out more photos of the students in action here

What People are Saying

CUP brings opportunity, vision, and access to community members and community stakeholders; things that are very difficult on a day to day basis for a teacher because we spend most of our time planning and grading…[CUP] opens doors and makes it available to us.” – Andre Gomes Machado, Classroom Teacher

“I learned that health care is a human right even if you are an immigrant in this country.” –Karen Guaman, IHSHS student

“Universal healthcare is not a bad idea because there are many immigrants who don’t know how to pay for healthcare and if NYC Care is created, it would help them.” –Chavez, IHSHS student


Melany Astudillo, Cristian Bravo, Jesus Cajo, Stacy Campbell Nuñez, Erick Cardenas, Carlos Carrasco, Joel Cerpa, Shelyi Chavez, Ming Hua Chen, Dipina Chhetri, Roberto Chicas Velasquez, Nicolas Chiguasuque, Rosalina Chitiq, Kenia Cholom, Kevin Degante, Robin Dragan, Lisseth Duchimaza, Christie Duverger, Lojain Emam, Maria Escalante, Jhon Escobar, Jose Espinal Medrano, Dulce Espinoza, Enmanuel Garzon, Wens Goiz-Reyes, Karen Guaman, Bryan Guapinala, Humberto Guch, Julianna Herrera, Zahilly Herrera, Erlin Hernandez, Poe Hmue, May Zin Htun, Monica Hurtado, Antonuos Ishak, Valeria Izaguirre, Israt Jahan, Jeimison Javier, Daniel Lopez Jimenez, Fabian Kuclo, Axel Lama, Jose Jimenez Medina, Alsidelvis Mora, Arcideuris Mora, Kathely Moura Baia, Maiesha Muntaki, Marisol Orozco, Maria Osorio, Sara Pandey, Paula Peralta, Ketchina Pierre, Mikaela Pinto, Randy Pena, Janaki Rai, Braian Ramirez, Jennifer Reynoso, Cristian Rocha, Angie Rodriguez, Camila Rodriguez, Bryan Roldon, Ana Rosario, Karelynn Sanchez, Carla Sarmiento, Habibur Sejon, Genesis Suero, Edward Tavarez, Santiago Tec, Sonam Tsetso, Giara Vasquez, Mahraeil Yacoub, Leticia Vasquez, Juan Carlos Vitinio

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The International High School for Health Sciences helps new non-English speaking immigrant students acquire English language skills and develop the determination, compassion, and discipline for successful college study in medicine, nursing, health counseling, research, or in the administration of health care services.

Funding Support

This project was made possible by the Bay and Paul Foundations, the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Special Thanks

Clair Beltran, Claudia Calhoon, Dr. Rand David, Miranda Grundy, Henry Grullon, and Jade Levine


  • CUP
  • Teaching Artist 
  • April Wen

  • Project Lead
  • Leigh Taylor

  • Project Support
  • Fielding Hong

  • International High School for Health Sciences
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Andre Machado

  • Principal
  • C. Anthony Finney