There are so many different ways to borrow, save, spend, and get money—from informal services like check cashers to more mainstream services like banks and credit unions. What’s the difference between them? Navigating the dizzying array of services can be overwhelming, particularly for non-English speakers. Though access to the mainstream banking system is fundamentally linked to economic prosperity, immigrants in the United States broadly lack such access.

CUP collaborated with Remás and designers Mary Voorhees Meehan and Neil Donnelly to create Es Tu Dinero, Decides Tú to dispel some of the myths about financial services and give immigrants the tools to make choices that expand their financial opportunities. The publication demystifies some common questions about banking and immigration status, and offers detailed pros and cons of formal and informal financial services. The publication is currently available in Spanish, English and Bangla.

CUP and Remás launched the Spanish language MPP at a members’ meeting at Si Se Puede, an immigrant women’s housecleaning cooperative in Sunset Park. Remás is now distributing the publication to financial literacy organizations, consulates, and local businesses in Sunset Park.

CUP and Chhaya CDC launched the Bangla language MPP in 2014.

“Sometimes, the [banking] information is all in small print. And it’s hard to analyze your options. Americans always investigate down to the tiniest print. We should do the same. I’d like my community to be just as informed.” – Sandra, Si Se Puede member

You can get your your English language copy here, Spanish language copy here, and your Bangla language copy here.

Resources & Links

Chhaya is dedicated to creating stable and sustainable communities by increasing civic participation and addressing the housing and community development needs of New Yorkers of South Asian origin and their neighbors.

Remás is a Brooklyn organization that helps immigrants understand their financial choices and improve their options for achieving financial prosperity.

Neil Donnelly and Mary Voorhees Meehan are Brooklyn-based graphic designers who make books, websites, and exhibitions, often for clients in architecture and the arts. 

Making Policy Public is a program of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP). CUP partners with policy advocates and graphic designers to produce foldout posters that explain complicated policy issues, like this one.

Funding Support

Support for this project was provided by the Nathan Cummings Foundation; the National Endowment for the Arts; the Surdna Foundation; public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council; North Star Fund; and NYSE Euronext Foundation. Additional support for this project was provided by Council Member Brad Lander.

Special Thanks

Miriam Ackerman, Clara Amenyo, Diana Breen (Ariva), Susana Ferradás, Sam Holleran, Adolfo Mogilevich, NYC Office of Financial Empowerment, Maniza Pritila, Jasniya Sanchez (Qualitas of Life), Mark Torrey, Pema Domingo-Barker, Oscar Nuñez.


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