Figuring out how to afford health care is complicated no matter who you are. But it’s even more challenging if you are an immigrant. Many insurance programs are restricted by immigration status, materials are often not available in every language, and it can be intimidating for someone who is unsure about their immigration status to sign up for a government program.

But there are basic health care rights that all immigrants in New York State have, like the right to translation, or health coverage for children and pregnant women. And there are a number of options to help low-income immigrants pay for health insurance.

To help the thousands of immigrants in New York State make their way through this complex process, CUP worked with the New York Immigration Coalition and designers Pratima Mani and Partner & Partners to create Welcome To Health Care! This issue of Making Policy Public is in Both English and Spanish, and features a visual breakdown of programs that help immigrants keep their health care costs affordable, and lays out their health care rights.

Welcome To Health Care! launched at a public distribution event with NYIC and The Centro Altagracia de Fe y Justicia. It is currently being distributed by community groups working on health care issues across New York State. The English/Spanish version of the project was updated in 2019.

A Traditional Chinese version of the guide was also launched in 2019. You can get your Traditional Chinese version here.

Recently, the government has announced changes to the rules it uses to determine if someone is a “public charge.” This complicated set of rules can limit the healthcare options of some immigrants and potentially impact their immigration status. To help them make a decision about which government programs are safe to use, CUP worked with NYIC to develop a one-pager about who is affected by “public charge” rules and translated it into many languages: English/Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Korean, Bengali, Haitian Creole, Hindi, and Portuguese. To download copies, click here.

Resources & Links

The New York Immigration Coalition aims to achieve a fairer and more just society that values the contributions of immigrants and extends opportunity to all.

Pratima Mani is a product and information designer with roots in print & illustration. She loves user-centered work that delivers visibility to important social issues.

Partner & Partners is a design practice focusing on print, exhibition, interactive and identity work with clients and collaborators in art, architecture, public spaces and activism.

Making Policy Public is a program of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP). CUP partners with policy advocates and graphic designers to produce foldout posters that explain complicated policy issues, like this one.

Funding Support

Support for this project was provided by the Nathan Cummings Foundation; the National Endowment for the Arts; A Blade of Grass; North Star Fund; and public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Special Thanks

Empire Justice Center: Barbara Weiner and Amy Lowenstein; New York Legal Assistance Group: Julie Brandfield, Randye Retkin, Norma Tinubu, and Sylvia Miller; Make the Road New York: Becca Telzak, Liz Castellano, and Arline Cruz; Planned Parenthood of NYC: Elizabeth Adams and Carmina Bernardo; Community Healthcare Network: Diana Christina; New York Immigration Coalition: Thanu Yakupityage and Mayra Aldas-Deckert; Korean Community Services: Eunhye Grace Kim; Arab American Family Support Center: Maha Attieh; CUP: Cassie Ang, Christine Gaspar, Oscar Nuñez, Shristi Shrestha, Jenn Anne Williams, and Sandy Xu; Access Health NYC awardees; Tatiana Baquero; Caroline Rath; Catia Dorado; Mauricio Jiminez; Leticia Pazmiño; Jose Luis Rodriguez


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