Discriminatory and abusive policing in New York City remains a serious problem that disproportionately impacts marginalized communities. But what can you do if you witness abusive policing or illegal immigration enforcement? Documenting the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is legal and protected by the Constitution. You can support the safety of your loved ones and communities by deterring, de-escalating and documenting law enforcement violence and misconduct.

CUP collaborated up with the Justice Committee and designer Jade Broomfield to create We’re Watching: A guide to recording the police and ICE. The bilingual English/Spanish booklet explains your rights and best practices for documenting law enforcement. The booklet breaks down step by step how to document the police and ICE and also includes tips on how to assess if it’s safe to document. Justice Committee also created an additional handout in both English and Spanish that goes deeper into the risks of Cop and ICE Watching for those who are not US citizens.

We’re Watching launched at an ICE and Cop Watch training hosted by the Justice Committee on February 7th and will be distributed to thousands of community members throughout the city.

Click here to see the guide and get your own copy.

Resources & Links

Justice Committee (JC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to building a movement against police violence and systemic racism in New York City and empowering low-income Latinx and other people of color to address these issues.

Jade Broomfield is an illustrator and graphic designer based in New York.

Public Access Design projects use design to make complex urban issues accessible to the people most affected by them.

Funding Support

Support for this project was provided by the New York Community Trust. Additional support for the Public Access Design program was provided by the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation.

Special Thanks

Irina Vinnitskaya, Christine Gaspar

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ICE and Cop Watch Handout – English

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ICE and Cop Watch Handout – Spanish


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