Planning for your children’s future

As immigrant families are facing increasing challenges and harsh restrictions on their liberty, many parents are forced to confront the reality of being separated from their children because of detainment or deportation. Along with having to navigate complex legal battles that often put them at risk, parents also have to plan ahead for their children.

The Center for Family Life first approached CUP in 2017 to create a set of tools to help parents facing deportation find a caregiver for their children and plan for the next steps. After using these tools in workshops across New York City, CFL found that parents were looking for support in the difficult and emotional process of talking to children about their situation.

CUP collaborated with the Center for Family Life and designer Lizania Cruz to create a workbook and conversation guide for parents. The guide includes age-appropriate tips on how to talk to children and involve them in the process, and how to plan for such an event with your family and a potential caregiver. The guide is available in both Spanish and English.

Planning for your children’s future launched at a symposium for immigrant rights advocates at Recess art in March 2019. The guide will be used in workshops conducted by the Center for Family Life and distributed with the first set of tools that were created.

Resources & Links

Center for Family Life, a program of SCO Family of Services, is a neighborhood-based family and social services organization with deep roots in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. 

Lizania Cruz is a New York-based designer working in education, adovcacy, and the arts. She brings a decade of design experience to her current work at the branding studio Language Department. Lizania recently launched her own jewelry line called Bagavundas.

Funding Support

Support for this project was provided by the New York Women’s Foundation and the Brooklyn Community Foundation.

Special Thanks

Zenayda Bonilla, Emily Schechtman, Ingrid Haftel, Maria Ferreira, Maria Jimenez, Ruth Bonilla Benitez, Glenda Velez Prado, Felix Trujilo, Maria E. Aguilar, Asuncion Santos, Teresita Cabrera, Ana F. Rodriguez, Maria Sibrian, Sarai Gonzalez, Marcelo Ruiz, Olga Rodriguez, James Boyd.


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