Displaced From This Place?

Bushwick, like many New York City neighborhoods, is changing. Between 1990 and 2014, rents in Bushwick rose 44% – twice as much as the citywide average! From bodega to bus stop, people are talking about displacement. What is displacement and how does it happen? Why Bushwick and what can we do about it?

CUP collaborated with public high school students from EBC High School for Public Service to delve into displacement. Students hit the streets to survey Bushwick residents, speak with community organizers, interview elected officials and policy experts, and dive deep into the issue. The crew gathered what they learned and teamed up with designer Kyle Richardson to create Displaced From This Place?, a booklet that details what they discovered about displacement.

Students debuted their project at the DeKalb Avenue branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, where they presented their booklet, discussed their investigation, and shared their creative process.

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What People are Saying

“We saw many different ideas and opinions of different people throughout this neighborhood and we were able to take those ideas and incorporate it into the final product in a way that their voices were heard.” - Christopher Garcia, student

“Other than the knowledge that we gained about what’s happening in the neighborhood, I’m going to take with me the skill of communicating with others.” - Rosa Fernandez, student

“All the information that I’ve learned from the moment I walked into the classroom to standing here now is not only how the neighborhood is changing, but also how I can change it myself and try and see if I can bring my friends along, and my mother, and my family members.” - Isabelle Martinez, student

“Aside from the way I feel inspired by all the work that [the students] did – just to see [the students] up there and talking about my neighborhood that I grew up in – and I’ve seen changes throughout so many years in Bushwick – but to see [the students] up there and fighting for change is awesome!” - Marta Martinez, EBC parent

Resources & Links

East Brooklyn Congregations, an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, is a multi-faith community organization working to improve conditions in Brownsville and East New York.

EBC High School for Public Service is a small high school in Bushwick, Brooklyn dedicated to educating the whole child. EBC has created a rigorous, inclusive, and warm environment in which all students thrive.

Funding Support

Major support for this program was provided by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and Council Member Antonio Reynoso.

Special Thanks

Leila Arisa, Daniel Girard, Jeneuse Geula, and Deja Holden


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  • Christopher Garcia
  • Isabelle Martinez
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