Did you know that the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is the largest public housing authority in North America? Over 600,000 New Yorkers live in public housing. The buildings are getting old and need repairs. In the past, NYCHA has suggested using its land as a source of money. Others think this is a bad idea and want NYCHA residents to have more of a say about what happens on NYCHA land. This poster lays out all the different opinions about the future of NYCHA land and how you can participate.

CUP and teaching artist Chat Travieso worked with a group of public high school students from Lyons Community School to investigate perspectives on what to do with NYCHA land. The students talked to a resident association, developers, and community advocates. The crew took what they learned, and with the help of graphic designer Yeju Choi, created a poster that uses drawings to teach others what might happen on NYCHA land and who has a say about it.

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What People Are Saying

“Now when I walk down the street and see a NYCHA sign it’s not a regular sign, I know the history behind it, which makes you know more about your community.” — Andente Watson, student

“This project helped me communicate with people more. Now I know how to interview people so when I got to a job interview I know body language and all that stuff, and now it’s something I can put it on my resume.” — Kashonna Green, student

Resources & Links

Lyons Community School is a small public high school in East Williamsburg providing a broad, stimulating experience in the liberal arts.

Community Solutions is a registered 501©(3) organization that helps communities solve the complex problems facing their most vulnerable, hard hit members.

Community Voices Heard (CVH) is an organization of low-income people, predominantly women on welfare, working together to make improvements in our community, and advance the political, economic and social rights of low-income people on welfare and other low-wage workers.

Funding Support

Major support for this program was provided by Deutsche Bank. Additional support was provided by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Special Thanks

Lila Barrett, Sabine Bernards, Gbenga Dawodu (NYCHA), Jonathan Gardenhire, (Smith Houses Resident Association), Ryan Hartley, Lizzie Hurst, Chad Karty, Aaron Koffman (Hudson Inc), Raj Kottamasu, Nadine Maleh (Community Solutions), Rekha Nair, Mireille Pilloud, Eugene Woody and Sondra Youdelman (Community Voices Heard)


  • Project Lead
  • Valeria Mogilevich
  • Project Support
  • Pema Domingo-Barker
  • Sam Holleran
  • Christine Gaspar
  • Lyons Community School
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  • Malik Benjamin Carrin
  • Bryan Cedeno
  • Tiffani Cox Thomas
  • Dashawn Cullum
  • Michael Diaz
  • Kashonna Green
  • Benjamin Hawkins
  • Tichina Hayden
  • Nataisha Mervilus
  • Matthew Rivera
  • Dyvon Simmons
  • Andente Watson
  • Sandra White
  • Shakira Williams

  • Classroom teacher
  • Kasi Addison
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  • Yeju Choi
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  • Hyoungkee Kim