Neighborhood Futures

WHAT IT IS. Who decides what gets built in your neighborhood? And who does development benefit? In this professional development workshop for educators, CUP gives you the tools to lead hands-on activities to help your students imagine possible futures for your school’s neighborhood. Teachers learn how to find a site in their community and work with students to identify a variety of potential users and stakeholders. What would different groups want out of this space? Teachers then learn specific design activities they can use to help their students imagine alternate futures for the space from the perspective of various stakeholders. These activities spark conversations about who gets to change places, who benefits from those changes, and students’ hopes and dreams for their neighborhood. 

WHERE IT WORKS. This workshop is geared towards educators interested in leading hands-on projects that take students out of the classroom and into their communities. It provides tools that can be used in all sorts of classes, such as civics, arts, architecture, and urbanism. Workshops can range from 1.5 hours to 3 hours.

HOW TO GET ONE. We can arrange workshops anywhere in the five boroughs with 3-4 weeks of notice.

Workshops range in price depending on the level of customization.

Contact info(at) to find out more.