Sewer In A Suitcase

WHAT IT IS. New York City uses over one billion gallons of water every day. What happens to it after we’ve used it? CUP’s Sewer in a Suitcase demystifies the hidden workings of New York City’s water infrastructure by following the journey water takes beyond the drain.

New York relies on something called a combined sewer system. Stormwater from streets and rooftops is collected into the same network of pipes as dirty water from toilets, sinks, and showers. When it rains a lot, the combined sewage and stormwater overflow directly into local waterways.

CUP’s Sewer in a Suitcase is a working model of the city’s sewer system that lets you explore the mechanics of these dirty events and what they mean for our health and environment—all from your own classroom!

WHERE IT WORKS. The Sewer in a Suitcase workshop is fun, engaging, and educational for children and adults alike, and is perfect for use in community workshops; environmental studies or science classrooms; or civics, social studies, and service learning classes. The workshop demonstrates our combined sewer system in action, and introduces concepts like urban watersheds, water infrastructure, and the health impacts of water pollution. Workshops can range from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours.

HOW TO GET ONE. We can arrange workshops anywhere in the five boroughs with 2-3 weeks of notice.

Hire CUP to conduct a Sewer in a Suitcase workshop for $500
Rent a Sewer in a Suitcase for a day to run your own workshop for $100
Rent a Sewer in a Suitcase for a day, with a training session from CUP staff for $200

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