I Vote Every Day!   ¡Yo Voto Todos los Días!   我每天都投票!   나는 매일 투표해요!

When we talk about voting, we often think about elections. Casting a ballot is really important and elections have huge impacts on our daily lives. But, these are not the only times that we have a say on what happens in our communities. In fact, it’s like we vote with our actions every single day. Even if you’re not old enough to cast a ballot or elections have ended, we can still make an impact on the issues and people that matter the most to us!

We created a simple activity to encourage students to think through how their daily actions impact the people, places, and causes they care about.

You can download this worksheet for free by filling out this short survey here.


  • CUP
  • Project Lead
  • Fielding Hong
  • Design
  • Elijah Bobo