Taking Action Beyond the Ballot!

As educators, how can we empower students to take on the issues that mean most to them? At CUP, we believe that civic engagement means more than casting a ballot. We start from the belief that the places where we live are the products of decision-making and power.

For educators looking for new ideas for the summer or planning ahead for next fall, we’ve created three resources to help you build community from afar, uplift young voices, and channel student creativity into informed and empowered civic action!

We’ve created three different educator guides to get you going. You can download them below by clicking on the PDF icon for each.

Taking Action Beyond the Ballot! breaks down creative approaches to civic engagement for remote learning.

Breaking News provides activities to help students think more critically about media coverage.

Who’s Got the Power? adapts a community organizing tool called a power map to help students identify the stakeholders involved in issues that impact their communities.

If you do any of these activities we’d love to know. Email us at info@welcometocup.org so we can amplify your students’ creativity!

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Taking Action Beyond the Ballot!

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Breaking News

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Who’s Got the Power?


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